Clara Nam RISD GD '14
Senior Thesis

Reconstruction of Lissitzky's Proun Series

To see how much I’ve grown as a Graphic Designer over the past 4 years at RISD, I decided to take my degree project as an opportunity to re-approach a project from the past.

The timeline project was one of the first assignments I worked on as a graphic design student at RISD. I was assigned to create a visual representation of Lissitzky’s work, history and culture. After 2 weeks of research, I decided to design a timeline that gave emphasis to his Proun paintings and the nature of its 3D-like visual illusions of 2D shapes.

El Lissitzky's Paintings

Timeline project from 2012


Kazimir Malevich_Suprematist Compositoin -> El Lissitzky_Proun 1

For my degree project, I decided to focus more on Lissitzky’s design process rather than just the paintings themselves. Lissitzky created his own unique Proun series by reinterpreting and reconstructing Kasimir Malevich’s existing paintings. I wanted to go through the same design process that Lissitzky went through to build upon his Proun series and create another series of work based on my interpretation of his work.

Quotes by Lissitzky

“The image is not a painting, but a structure around which we must circle, looking at it from all sides, peering down from above, investigating from below.”

“…limits between mathematics and art, between a work of art and technical invention are not to be fixed…”

“…the former always deeply affects the latter.”

Experimenting with 3D renderings of El Proun 8 and ho wit could look from different angles.

Final Thesis –

"A personal and modern take on expanding El Lissitzky’s Proun series with inspirations drawn from his design process and theories."

The final video takes the audience in and out of an imaginary space of his paintings, allowing them to observe the objects from different sides and angles.